Squash does not support ‘Mark of the Beast’

February 08, 2019
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Gladstone Taylor
Heavy D
Gladstone Taylor Heavy D

Heavy D, manager for recently released dancehall deejay, Squash Six Boss, has denounced any connection between the entertainer and the '666' sign commonly associated with the Mark of the Beast.

This, after some links have been made in the entertainment space between the artiste's popular 'Six' slang and the religious sign.

A citizen who asked to remain anonymous, called the newsroom earlier this week to voice concerns about possible doom the entertainer may be bringing upon the nation's youth through his popular slang.

The man said that with the entertainer steadily building a strong fan base, he is worried that young people may get the wrong message and start making 'evil' moves based on the connection.

Squash's team has come forward, however, to say that there is nothing to worry about as the entertainer is in no way supporting any 'evil-doing'.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR on behalf of his client, Heavy D said he was aware that there is a misconception surrounding the meaning behind the artiste's infamous 'six slang' and sought to assure the public that the saying is in no way associated with any dark, religious meaning.

"The six is not 666, is just six and it comes from six brothers, because is six brothers of them that grew up. People always a go try interpret things the wrong way but me can guarantee anuh dat (evil meaning)," he said.

Heavy D added that as much as the entertainer spits dancehall lyrics, he is a God-fearing individual who occasionally goes to church.

He says neither the artiste nor his team has any cause to worry as the majority of people understand who he is and what he is about.

"Him is a cool yute, man. Certain things a just music hype and the language. We surely nah support dem thing deh, and I guess one day people will get the full understanding a weh him mean. Him nuh really concerned (about people's interpretation of his slang) because him know wah him a say when him say 'six'. Him did even talk about it already and say people must note carefully say him nah say 666, a just six," he said.

Squash has been soaking up the attention he has been getting since his release from police detention last week.

He has been shown a lot of love and support from colleagues in the industry, from producer Skatta Burrell to the 'Worl' Boss' himself, Vybz Kartel.

Squash, a MoBay native, whose given name is Andre' Whittaker, had been held under the Emergency Powers Act since August 8, when he was detained during the state of public emergency in MoBay.

While the police listed the entertainer as a person of interest and kept him in custody for months, he always maintained his lack of involvement in any criminal activity.

'Certain things a just music hype and the language. We surely nah support dem thing deh and I guess one day people will get the full understanding a weh him mean.'

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