Mackerel turns to music - Internet personality teases with new song

April 02, 2019

With a brand that glorifies 'man-stealing', it makes sense that Mackerel's debut song would be titled 'Tek Weh People Man'.

The 18-year-old Internet sensation made her musical entry on the weekend with a 30-second teaser of the track posted on her YouTube channel.

"It never did fi come out yet, but the people dem love it still, and a seh the song nice and it catchy and all these things," Mackerel told THE STAR.

"Me can't give the official release date fi the full song yet cause you know we haffi keep the people dem inna suspense," she continued.

The track was recorded two weeks ago on the 'Tin Mackerel' Rhythm by producer Dwayne 'Lava' Beswick of Burn Dem Records. Though the song makes full use of her slangs like 'not at all' and 'people man nice and comfortable', Mackerel said that it was actually penned by dancehall singjay Kalado.

The two have collaborated on other projects in the past, as she made a cameo appearance in his Trapwhine music video, and she has also done promotions for the track.

Since being teased, fans have added their two cents about the song.

YouTube user Sabrina Spencer declared: "This should be a full song. It baaaad. Hurry up and drop the full song."

Suzette Clarke echoed those sentiments, adding: "Mad dem cause people hating on you for nothing. Do yuh thing girl."

Another user, Gaza Princess Unruly Sparta, warned Spice to "watch out".

Mackerel, whose given name is Ladasha Francis, rose to prominence on social media earlier this year through viral videos where she unapologetically details 'tekking people man'. In an interview with THE STAR last month, she shared dreams of becoming a successful comedian but did not disclose any interest in music.

Now, she says she is willing to "Give it a try."

"Me personally love singing. Singing a my talent, so that inspired me to put something out there," she said. "Nuff people nuh used to me singing, but me have nuff more music in the making. I do believe it is possible for me to do comedy and music at the same. From ever since, I've been saying me like being a comedian and me like when people laugh and me love singing too."

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