D’Angel says she will never retire - Singjay talks future plans

April 08, 2019

Her career spans more than a decade and Jamaican singjay D'Angel is already thinking about the upcoming decade and beyond. According to the 'Break Free' songstress, there should be no age limit placed on being a dancehall entertainer and she has no plans to retire.

"What I notice with our own culture is that we don't embrace each other and we don't celebrate each other," D'Angel told The STAR. "Other international artistes from the 1980s like Madonna or even Calypso Rose are older and fit and still performing and nobody nah seh nothing. I don't believe there should be an age limit in doing dancehall but to each his own. Me nah retire, all when me old and grey. Music is a part of me and I will always be doing it. Maybe you won't see me wearing certain things or splitting on stage, but you have to transition as you get older."

Her catalogue boasts timeless tracks like Stronger, Uptown Living and Blaze, but there are still things the singer says she is yet to achieve, like earning a Grammy award. She shared she has always had Grammy aspirations but said she has never created an album as "the timing is not right."

"Sometimes I can't get to do the genre music that I want to do, I am known as a dancehall and reggae artiste, but I'm a stronger reggae artiste," she said. "I do world music so I like to switch up the thing. Me have more songs that are album-worthy now, but I think when it is the right time, it will be the right time. You have to have great zeal and keep going cause you never know which song may take you to that place."

International stardom

With this principle in mind, D'Angel said she is not bothered by female acts who made their debut after her and have attained international stardom.

"The race is not for the swift, but those who can endure. Some of them buss and come right back to square one so you can't look at the success of those who come after you because God's timing and our timing are two different things," she said. "Father God has a plan for all of us, maybe He did not want me to go out there at that time cause me never ready, but me ready now so I know when I get my breakthrough it's gonna be huge."

She is claiming 2019 as her year and is promoting a slew of new songs, including Nuh Trust Dem, Brand New and Mind Yuh Business. She also plans to release a soca song for the reveller season.

"2019 has been a blessing, I have a lot of shows coming in and a couple of gigs for New York," she said.

"I have a strong catalogue of music so there is nothing nobody can do to stop that. I have grown to be a great performer and my music is like fine wine, the older me get the richer and more experienced my voice sounds," D'Angel declared.

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