Dancer endorses women with ‘good mouth’

April 12, 2019
Niya Sparta
Niya Sparta

It's hard to listen to up-and-coming female artiste Niya Sparta's new track ' Good Mouth' and not get red-faced.

The track, rated 'A' for mature audiences, speaks on her liking for another female who does a good job at giving her oral sex.

The dancer told THE WEEKEND STAR that her single was inspired by Ding Dong's Good Ting Dem.

"One day I was at Standpipe doing promotion work and Ding Dong song come on, so me walk up to the selector say him fi give me the mic. Mi just start freestyle and a talk about the good mouth and good tongue dem. Everybody start rail and dash money pon mi and a request encore. People start encourage me to go studio," she said.

Niya said she went to another event and performed the lyrics and was overwhelmed with the response and encouragement.

"An artiste was there and he kept telling me to voice the song and after that, he took me to the studio and the producer, whose name is Godz, instantly like the track and same time him give me a riddim and mi voice it," she said.

With so many misconceptions and so much stigma around bisexuality, Niya Sparta said she knows that some persons will offer very bitter and negative comments about her single, but she is simply being very realistic and is just singjaying about her personal experiences.

"Everybody a say me brave and dem ting deh and mi prepared for the backlash. People a go say a lot of things and mi prepare for both comments. I am bisexual and yea, a real life story mi a sing about. I like both males and females and I am sure I am one of many in Jamaica. Mi nah do nothing wrong except a talk about what mi like and what so many other women like too," she said.

Niya Sparta also grabbed social media users' attention recently after fellow dancer Shelly Belly emptied an igloo of ice on her crotch area before diving on top of her.

"It's just entertainment, nothing else. All Shelly Belly did a do was cool it down. Mi never catch up nuh baby cold or nothing. Is just dancing and entertainment," she laughed.

Niya Sparta, whose given name is Shania Minott, hails from Seaview Gardens. The 20-year-old said she has been doing promotional dancing for the past two years and is hoping that the single will give her a break in the dancehall industry.

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