Xodus gets high marks from revellers

April 28, 2019

Jasmine and Tiffany are first-time revellers who have come from Pennsylvania in the United States to experience carnival in Jamaica.  

"This is actually my first time out of the country," said Tiffany, who, like Jasmine, is jumping with the Xodus band. "It’s amazing to see women of all body types, just out and rocking it! I will come back next year, for sure! I love it!" 

Like Tiffany, Trisha is among the foreigners in Jamaica for Road March. The New York-native, who has roots in Trinidad and Tobago, chose Xodus for her Carnival 2019 experience.

"I jumped with Bacchanal the first two years I came. Then last year I did Xaymaca," she said. And although her travel partner came to jump with Xaymaca, Trisha decided to go with Xodus. She described her time on the road as "the best experience ever. Best!"

And it appears that is no fluke. Sandra Forlemu, who is from Nigeria, said the experience has been great. Forlemu said she jumped with Xaymaca International and Bacchanal Jamaica in previous years.

Her friend, Sandra Uduma from Cameroon, was a bit more discerning. Her review of Xodus Carnival was ‘not bad'. Her standard was set by Xaymaca International last year.

"With Xaymaca, I got better goodie bags. I like the variety,” she said, gesturing to the deejay booth. "But I hate the goodie bags," she said of Xodus's offering.

In the days leading up to the march, there were several complaints from patrons about receiving fewer than expected items in the goodie bags, which are customarily issued with the costume package.

Despite the disappointing goodie bags, a late and seemingly confused start, and extended pauses in the sun, the revellers seem pleased that Xodus is delivering the carnival experience.



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