MoBay peanut vendor aims to become next big star

May 14, 2019
Jerome Gichie has surrounded himself with promotional girls as he seeks to kick-start his entertainment career.

As a boy, Jerome Gichie and his older brother, Dalton, would accompany their father, Dalton Gichie, to various reggae shows within the Second City. The elder Gichie was a popular peanut porridge vendor in Montego Bay, St James.

Jerome’s job was to assist his father to sell peanut porridge to patrons and entertainers, but deep down inside, it was his love for music and his dream to one day be a recognised dancehall artiste that caused him to follow his father around.

Jerome, 32, who resides at Peace View in Albion, St James, told WESTERN STAR that he and his brother became focused on being dancehall entertainers. His brother, who is now known as Mr Slick, got the break before he did.

“About 10 years ago, mi decide that a time fi mi tek a chance inna the music business. Mi father have a sound system, suh mi start mek some rhythm and start write mi own song dem,” Jerome stated.

“At that time, mi break off from mi father business and start mi own porridge business. Mi even have two worker a work fi mi at the time, suh it allow mi fi focus more pon mi music,“ he added.

“In 2013, mi decide fi launch out inna the music, and mi start fi perform pon several stage shows and other events ‘round Montego Bay, and mi realise seh the people them love mi bad,” the aspiring artiste said.

He has so far recorded songs such as One Day, Charge Up, So In Love and Lonely Road. Jerome said he is now focused on pushing his career to the limit, so he and his promotional team will be Kingston for the entire week, where they will be doing road promotion.

Jerome is seeking to join a list of dancehall artistes from St James who have taken the music scene by storm. The stars from the west include Tommy Lee, Teejay, Squash and Rygin King.

“It inspires me a lot because a lot of dem artiste yah, me know dem, and me inna the music business long before dem, and to see dem go towards the music and dem buss, it inspire me fi know seh it can happen fi me, too,” Jerome said.

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