Magnum launches dancehall-oriented website

May 31, 2019
Trippple X is the host of Dancehall Taxi, one of the programmes on Magnum Hub TV.
Trippple X is the host of Dancehall Taxi, one of the programmes on Magnum Hub TV.

Magnum Tonic Wine is upping the ante in its quest to give dancehall a bigger platform with its latest venture, Magnum Hub TV.

The online portal is now accessible and features original programmes like Mic Sessions that hosts special performances from artistes, and Dancehall Taxi, a more interactive show, which finds personality Trippple X quizzing contestants who travel as passengers, for on-spot cash prizes. The hub will also offer diversified entertainment content from across the Caribbean with Jamaica at the fore.

Telecia Lindo-Johnson, marketing manager at J Wray & Nephew Limited, told THE WEEKEND STAR that there is no cost to visit the website, and that the aim is to strengthen the brand's online presence.

"It was a natural move, as our digital platforms are heavily engaged, and we opted to enhance the full online experience for visitors by expanding the content available to them," she said.

"We always seek to enhance the positive experiences with the brand, and we believe that '' will provide an added space for the Jamaican dancehall culture to be showcased to the world."

Lindo-Johnson added that viewers have already been sending praises to the brand. She also said that more programmes will be added later this year.

Magnum Tonic Wine was associated with the now defunct Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall television show, which provided a platform for up-and-coming artistes to win cash prizes and other opportunities.

Although the show came to an end in 2018, Lindo-Johnson said that the company's role in developing content to cater to dancehall enthusiasts is long-standing.

"Since inception, Magnum and dancehall have had a tremendous partnership, and we have always sought to celebrate our rich heritage, music, fashion and unique persona that is infectious, and this (Magnum Hub TV) provides another opportunity," she said.

Singjay Stacious lauded the brand for offering another platform to promote Jamaican talent.

"A lot of music is being produced, and the longevity is dampened or shortened because we don't have the mechanisms in place to promote on a wider scale. The more platforms that are available to promote and showcase our music, the more people will benefit. I am excited to see how this new platform unfolds."

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