Elephant Man returns to Sumfest after five years

June 19, 2019

It has been five years since Elephant Man touched the Reggae Sumfest stage, but his zestful performances have not changed. The full force of the 'Energy God' will be on show when he makes his return on Festival Night One at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay, St James, on July 19.

"We always bring a good and crazy show for the people dem. The 'Energy God' never change. We still a climb on stage. We still a jump inna di crowd. We still a do all of that," he told THE STAR.

"The last time we do all of that, dem seh dem a sue me fi mash up dem instruments. So we nah go bring it to da level deh, where we a mash up nothing or hurt nobody, but yuh done know we giving the people the energy non-stop."

The Crazy Hype deejay was a staple performer on the show, making appearances for 10 consecutive years, before deciding to take a step back. His decision was motivated by a few reasons, including wanting to create a demand and longing for his interactive sets.

"I've been doing it for so long, and sometimes you have to give it a breather. Nobody nuh waah drive one car for 30 years. You a go want a change. So me just seh, mek me give it a break and mek the people see me fresh again," he said.

"They called me two times after the last time I performed, but the price never did too 'hundred' for me, and the next time dem call, I had different obligations. Even concerts like Best of the Best I used to do every year and stopped. Yuh nuh want it reach a point where when you go on stage, people seh dem tired fi see you and dem see you last year, the year before and the year before. No. Yuh fi mek dem embrace back yuh presence and seh, we haven't seen you for a while on the stage."

Since his last appearance, the festival was acquired by businessman Joe Bogdanovich from previous principals Johnny Gourzong, Robert Russell and Tina Davis. Elephant Man commended Bogdanovich for altering the festival nights - excluding the former international nights to highlight more local acts.

"Me like the vibes and direction weh Joe take it to. We might not have no international artistes, but him put out a 100 per cent fi di Jamaican artistes and make it our festival, and that is good," Elephant Man said.

"Him captivate the people from abroad wid the grass roots and let dem know you're not coming here to see Akon or Mariah Carey. You're coming here to see nothing but dancehall. If you look on the line-up, it's all 'gas pedal' non-stop. There is a different variety of artistes, and everybody is excited for Reggae Sumfest, so it's gonna be crazy."

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