Ras Ajai subs numbers for music

August 09, 2019
Ras Ajai
Ras Ajai

Portmore's Ras Ajai has been blazing up the airwaves with his latest single Di Ras Hot.

But the artiste was not always in the entertainment business; he was a certified accountant.

"I used to work as an accountant for the Ministry of National Security, but now it's strictly music. They say when you're doing something, you must give it 150 per cent; you can't focus on two things at once," he said.

The deejay said he was introduced to music, like many through the church, and is certain he will persevere, as he is determined, loyal, and hard-working.

He shared that his motivation is his family.

"I have three girls. I love my little daughters, they are the reason why I go so hard. They are the reason why I try to create and leave a legacy," he said.

Ras Ajai defined himself as a fun-loving and humble person, and explained that these traits led to the creation of Di Ras Hot, produced by Dutty Rock Productions on the Callaloo rhythm.

"We were just vibing. I have a car and the bumper fell off, and my friend deejayed 'Yuh nuh see the Ras hot, nuh watch the car tru the bumper a drop' and it was a hit from then. I just went into the studio and started penning it; the rest is history," Ras Ajai said.

The artiste shared that he has also partnered with Dutty Rock Productions on previous projects, including Money Fi Run on the 2018 Gang Gang rhythm, and explained that working with Dutty Rock and label boss, international star Sean Paul is a surreal experience.

"Fi Sean Paul can take up him phone and say 'Ajai forward at the studio and come do some work' that is beyond belief and one of the major accomplishments of my career thus far," he said.

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