‘They are not enemies’ - Summa Sizzle exec says no tension between Chronic Law and Beenie Man

August 13, 2019
Members of the 6ixx, Chronic Law (left) and Squash.
Members of the 6ixx, Chronic Law (left) and Squash.
Beenie Man
Beenie Man
Chronic Law
Chronic Law

Beenie Man, the King of the Dancehall, yesterday found himself in the firing line of one of the hot newcomers to the scene, Chronic Law.

The St Thomas-born artiste, who also goes by the name Law Boss, made a lengthy Instagram story post in which he suggested that money could have been the main reason he did not appear at Beenie Man's Summa Sizzle last Saturday night.

"When yuh book a artiste fi a show, di artiste suppose to get a deposit!!! Me and some man a deeven fren and di msg weh me get ago seh, from the show gwaan good mi will get a thing. Work mi a work mi naa look good name," he said.

But Nickeewah Panton, project manager at Summa Sizzle Music Festival, said Beenie Man was never in dialogue with the 6ixx artiste.

"Beenie Man has never had a conversation with Chronic Law. He saw him at a performance at the National Stadium once. They are not enemies, they have no beef, not to my knowledge or Beenie Man's knowledge," she said when asked if there was tension between the artistes.

Junior 'Heavy D' Fraser, manager for Squash and spokesperson for the 6ixx, says the clique's absence from Saturday night's show was due to unprofessional negotiations. Fraser said he was contacted by the Summa Sizzle team on the eve of the festival to book Squash.

"Dem never mek no negotiations for Chronic Law or Daddy 1, they were making negotiations for Squash alone and that was Friday," he said. "From Reggae Sumfest, we a try call Beenie Man cause me talk to him at Sumfest and him tell me fi call Blue (his manager), and mi try call him for three weeks and him nah talk. A Friday before Blue call and seh him waan do negotiations for Squash."


This supports Chronic Law's Instagram post yesterday, where he claimed he was never booked for Summa Sizzle, neither did he receive a deposit.

Fraser said he was offered a deposit for Squash on Friday, but said the Trending deejay opted to collect the full payment at the venue based on the last-minute arrangements.

"Me and Squash deh a Montego Bay when dem call and we couldn't go back to Kingston. So him seh if him get fi go the show him will just collect the money at the show," he said.

But this decision was not final.

"Dem (6ixx) done mek up dem mind seh dem goodly nah go already because of how the negotiations go. Beenie Man never come negotiate and yuh cya do business like that," he said. "Dem didn't arrange for the 6ixx but dem did a look out for them individually when dem only talk to me about Squash. Dem all call from inna di week fi rehearse and di man dem a seh how dem fi do that when we nav nuh business?"

Fraser said that contrary to Beenie's suggestions while serving as the show's emcee, the 6ixx was not even at the venue.

"Him know dem never go a di venue and nobody, called me that night to ask if dem a come so obviously dem nuh care much. Beenie Man just a tek him escape route and a try blame somebody."

Panton, however, had a different take on the matter.

"Heavy D told us the amount for the 6ixx and we agreed on it and asked whose name the deposit should be made in and he gave us a name (Squash)," she said.

"He then called back to say they were not in Kingston and the artiste would take the money as soon as he walks in the venue. This was the arrangement that was made and he even put the flyer on his fan page. When it was time for them to perform we just didn't see them. We tried calling and there was no answer. We even tried calling up to yesterday (Sunday) morning to find out if everything was fine or if something came up and we haven't heard from them."

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