STAR of the Month: Macka Diamond loves her ‘Cucumber’

September 06, 2019
Macka Diamond says ‘Cucumber’ song is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle.
Macak Diamond is slated to release her latest single, Cucumber this weekend

Our STAR of the Month has never apologised for being sensual, even amid negative comments from persons she dubs as ‘haters’. It is with that confident, carefree attitude that she’s getting ready to release her latest single, ‘ Cucumber’. The track, she says, is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle as she encourages persons to eat more fruit, cucumbers in particular. But like she did with her single ‘ Cow Foot’ in 2012, the song embraces a very sexual undertone and bears a noticeable double meaning.

Sporting a slender new figure since 2015, Macka Diamond credits her new look to a change in diet. She has stopped eating fatty foods and has adopted a love for fruits and vegetables. Pointing out that more and more Jamaicans are suffering from non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, Macka Diamond says she believes that she is the perfect vessel to spread this message. “I have been living a healthy lifestyle for almost four years now, and it’s been visible, and everybody loving it. A lot of people been linking me for advice, and this is a fun way to get the message out,” she said.

She is hoping her new song, with all its sexual ambiguity, will encourage people to embrace healthy living.


“Linking the messages in my music with my food makes sure it’s fit for airplay. Since I’m a bit raunchy by nature (but not vulgar), I’m aware of the double entendre, and I know this song will spark some controversy, but it will also make persons pay more attention to the health aspect of the cucumber,” she said. “There is no way to stop people from thinking smutty, and so I’m expecting that when the song drops, but when you think about the attention it will draw, it’s a great way to push the healthy lifestyle aspect, and that is very important to me.”

With a certain air of negativity and disgust now surrounding cucumbers following a viral video of the fruit being used to penetrate a woman at a party in the United States last month, Macka Diamond says she will not allow her mission to be thwarted by people’s perversions. “I really didn’t know about that (the video), honestly, and I know people usually think those kinds of things when they hear about banana,” she said. “The song has a health message. That’s how I really want it to come across. I was making some cucumber juice one day and the idea just popped in my head. It (cucumber) is my favourite fruit. It’s one of the things that has helped me to lose weight and look good.”

When asked why she still feels the need to do these types of songs given the negative comments that always comes regarding her age, Macka Diamond says people are interested in playing mind games and she will not be participating. “Age has no limit. Why do I still pay my bills?” she questioned. “I ain’t focused on their mind games.”

Cucumber is slated to be released this weekend. It is produced by Love Star Music.

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