Savage now a part of Gaza empire

April 16, 2020

Dancehall artiste Savage has revealed that he is the newest member of Vybz Kartel's Gaza camp.

Dubbing himself the 'fresh prince of dancehall', the artiste believes that the musical empire, which is responsible for breaking artistes such as Jah Vinci, Popcaan, Lisa Hyper and Gaza Slim, can help further his career.

"The Gaza and I have always been good, enuh, but right now, we and the team have a full understanding. The producer dem a say Savage, the artiste dem a say Savage, and the fans a say Savage, so Savage a say dem. The Gaza camp is a very established and well-respected camp with a big platform. With the fan base that I've already built as an independent artiste, and the fan base that they have, Savage's career is looking good right now," he said.

Savage, who was part of the Gully squad, said "we still say Gully".

"But as an artiste yuh affi embrace growth. I did so on my own and I established Savage Entertainment, and now I'm looking to grow even more as part of the Gaza empire. The king of dancehall himself, Vybz Kartel, has always supported Savage's music even when I was on the other team, and so yuh affi loyal to who loyal to you," he said.

Debut album

Speaking of growth, Savage, who has previously released compilation projects, says he's already completed work on his debut album. The album will have freshly recorded tracks.

"I voiced 17 songs in 17 days, and I'm putting 10 of those on the album and releasing the other seven as singles. The album is gonna have some hits and will feature some collabs with some of the biggest giants in music. It's going to be a strictly dancehall album," he said. "We're sifting through right now, trying to find the right name for the album. I want it to represent where I'm at right now and also grab the attention of the fans. I know I have the potential to be one of the biggest artistes in Jamaica, and this album will show the space that's there for me in dancehall. It's gonna have hardcore lyrics, a few cross-over type of sounds. I'm expecting it to go very big."

T100 Records, Vybz Kartel Muzik, Shabdon Records and Naviigator Entertainment are some of the labels with songs on the album.

The entertainer, who is currently promoting the track Rich Badness, said that right now his career is looking good.

"Is just that the road kinda look dim with this whole coronavirus thing. Right now, we're doing what we can do on the Internet platform in terms of promotion. But the tour dem a line up, and so we want to touch the road in full force this summer," he said.

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