People just wah hear sumpn different - Govana finds captive audience as ‘Convo Pt 2’ hits a million views

May 07, 2020

Back in January when dancehall artiste Govana released the track HAMANTS Convo, the storyline captivated listeners across the globe. For weeks, the song, which highlights infidelity in relationships, trended at number one on the local YouTube charts. Months later, Govana has regained the top spot on the enviable chart following the release of part two to the Convo track. This time around, instead of talking scorned husband Chris out of physically harming his cheating wife, Govana is handing out lessons in 'how to be a gyallis' to a hard-headed man, who despite moving on, is still blind to his new woman's deception.

In an interview with THE STAR, Govana said it was always his intention to do a follow-up track, and with the world on lockdown, now was the perfect time to release the project.

"Everybody kinda stressed and depressed. Me just gi dem supmn fi hold a vibe to, hold a joy to," he said. It was always planned but now was just the right time to execute."

HAMANTS Convo Pt 2 has been sitting atop the local YouTube trending charts since its release last Saturday. Already it has garnered more than a million views.

The first installation of the project has amassed more than eight million views to date. Overwhelmed by the reaction of viewers and listeners, the entertainer says although he did not expect the project to gain this kind of traction, he understands why it has.

Miss the humour

"The reason why this project stands out is because people kinda miss the humour inna dancehall. Nobody nah try have no fun. Everybody a try chop, everybody a try gwaan like dem bad and dem a di toughest thing, and probably chu me been there and done that already, proving myself there, me nuh feel like me need to do that anymore," he said. "The music one-sided because everybody a say di same things over and over and people just wah hear supmn different. That's why we see so much people remixing it and refixing it and getting inspired by it. The whole Professor Nuts vibe, the storytelling; it's basically like a movie, a miniseries. It's like yuh tune in to Netflix."

Speaking of Netflix miniseries, the entertainer revealed that with the love and support both songs have received, there is a possibility that the 'Convo' storyline may be further explored.

"Me nuh like show me hand too early innu. Me like when me release things and people surprised so me nah go say if it's (the song) gonna be a series. So yuh just affi watch and gwaan look out and thing. If yuh follow Govana, you will see how creative and crazy I am, so just look out for anything," he said. "I think people would definitely want to hear this versus a badman song or probably even a party song, because no party can't keep."

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