All eyes on D’Angel - Artiste says interest in her OnlyFans page rises after racy photos

July 13, 2020
D’Angel D’Angel D’Angel D’Angel
D’Angel D’Angel D’Angel D’Angel

Dancehall artiste D'Angel said that interest in her OnlyFans page has soared since risque images of her began swirling on social media late last week. The artiste said that her OnlyFans page was hacked and the photos leaked.

"This leak has resulted in the skyrocketing of my subscriptions. I have not had enough time to navigate my days. People have been reaching out to me with various offers and potential endorsements," the Stronger singer told THE STAR.

Despite being flooded with a sea of negative criticism for the raunchy photos, D'Angel says she will not allow people's opinions of her to weigh her down. She said that the high interest in her content shows that "whatever negative publicity people are trying to reap from this is futile and inconsequential".

At the same time, D'Angel said that she is not ashamed of anything that was posted to OnlyFans, a content subscription service which has been dubbed a type of paywall of porn. D'Angel, while concerned about the manner in which her photos were publicly shared, said that her images cannot be classified as explicit content. She contends that "my team and I have kept it tasteful and artistically censored for the right viewing audiences".

Social media users have been lashing out at the entertainer since the racy photos began making their way around the Internet. Some persons have deemed her decision to join OnlyFans a desperate attempt to stay relevant, while others said that she was getting too old for that type of behaviour. D'Angel, however, is unmoved.

"It's not that big of a deal, I'm a model and that's a career from which I'll never retire, as well as an entertainer. Many others have done much worse but, for some reason, there's a witchhunt out with a bounty on my head. But my social media platforms and OnlyFans will keep growing as long as this expose continues," the artiste said.

As for those concerned about her son and how these images will impact him, D'Angel said she takes all the necessary precautions to shield him from the public's venom. She also said that he understands the nature of her job.

"I'm sure he's aware what OnlyFans is. So, regarding repercussions, if they come, I'll cross that bridge when I reach it. I'm always prepared to weather any storm that blows my way."

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