‘I will sue you’ - D’Angel warns persons pirating her OnlyFans photos

July 21, 2020

Dancehall artiste D'Angel is warning that anyone who uses images she posted on adult site OnlyFans in future without her permission will be hit with lawsuits.

Yesterday, the entertainer siad that her lawyers have got involved in the case involving leaked photos from her OnlyFans account, and so it is out of her hands if persons ignore the cease and desist order issued by her representatives.

The legal document prohibiting any further circulation of the photos from her hacked OnlyFans account was also issued yesterday.

The entertainer, who is being represented by the firm operated by noted attorney Christopher Townsend and his partners, told THE STAR that if persons do not want to be drawn into a legal battle, they had better heed the stop order.

"It's out of my hands now, and so all I will say is that if you insist on circulating the pictures from my private subscription-only account, you must be prepared to face the consequences. My lawyers have full control over the matter now, and I will not speak about it again," she told THE STAR.

A copy of the document, signed by Townsend, was submitted to THE STAR yesterday. The document states that the pictures obtained from her OnlyFans account were stolen and that is in breach of the Copyright Act.

Under investigation

The matter is now under investigation to determine the initial point of breach, but the cease and desist letter went on to state that while the investigation is ongoing, any third party that continues to publish or post the photos would face charges.

"Third-party transmitters of the copyrighted images by whatsoever means, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube, are investigated and will and may be held liable," a portion of the document read.

It goes on to advise that all unauthorised postings of the photos should be deleted immediately and that persons who wish to continue using the artiste's images should seek permission via her manager, Patricia Henry.

D'Angel was the subject of harsh criticism earlier this month when her nude photos were leaked. Following a number of posts that went viral, D'Angel revealed that her page was hacked and hinted then that she would be taking legal action against the perpetrators.

Still, although disturbed by the fact that someone would intentionally sabotage her adult-only platform, which is a paid subscription page, D'Angel said the move did more good than harm.

She told THE STAR that interest in her page skyrocketed following the leak, and endorsement deals were flooding her table.

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