DJ Smurf weathers COVID storm with different projects

July 22, 2020

Radio deejay and entrepreneur DJ Smurf is optimistic that the music industry will return to its former glory in short order, following a total shutdown due to coronavirus.

According to the DJ, he has being trying his hand at different things in order to ensure he has a steady flow of income, especially with entertainment events at a standstill.

"I am always trying new things. I don't believe you should stick to being a DJ, producer or an artiste. So I have always been trying other stuff, like hosting events, producing, and I even operated a sports bar. Recently, when the country was in a total shutdown, I received a royalty cheque in the mail and it was unexpected. So it's good to dabble in other things that can give us additional revenue," he said.


DJ Smurf opined that the coronavirus shows the importance of making quality music. According to him, artistes and producers who focus on making good music have benefited heavily from sales. He released several mixtapes during the pandemic, in an attempt to keep an active presence in the music industry.

DJ Smurf is also cautious about the future, despite the ongoing discussions about the reopening of the entertainment industry.

"I think we might see some round robins, sports bars and some cook-outs. However, I don't think we will have our major, staple events back until next year," he said.

He stressed the importance of saving money, as "you never know what can happen".

"Right now I am happy I was making hay while the sun was shining, because I was able to dip in my reserve cash when I needed it the most. I also took the time to brush up on my cooking skills because I have more family time and I love cooking," he said.

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