It wasn’t me! - D’Angel says pictures allegedly showing her genitals are photoshopped

August 14, 2020

Approximately three weeks after issuing a cease and desist order to persons circulating private images from her OnlyFans account, D'Angel is again blasting the public for what she says is a deliberate attack to tarnish her reputation. This latest lashing comes after pictures have surfaced on the Internet showing a woman's private parts, allegedly hers.

The Nuh Trust Dem singer says the body pictured does not belong to her.

D'Angel said that while she does post sexually provocative content on her platform, she would never post pictures of her private parts.

"I was more than shocked, I was livid! It was one thing to leak the pictures but for them to take it further and photoshop it in an explicit way was even worse. I instantly took to Instagram to express my disgust," she said. "The fact that someone used that particular image to misrepresent me, is quite offensive. The OnlyFans platform is notorious for explicit images so I suppose that could be their expectation of me but my body is not for sale and even if it was, they couldn't afford me."

Bigger ploy

She added that although she is not surprised persons have taken things this far, she believes it is part of a bigger ploy to break her down.

"Whether sexual in nature or not, vultures will circle. When people are beneath you they try their best to bring you down. When I'm fully dressed there's hate so I don't expect any different when I show some skin," she said. "I've always had haters, this is just a different attack. This is another obstacle that I've already overcome. I'm continuing to focus on my 2020 vision of winning no matter the challenges. I don't break." D'Angel said people's opinions of her do not matter "because they aren't paying my bills".

"But as I stated before, my content is tasteful and represents me well and I will not do anything to tarnish or ruin brand D'Angel and I will continue to take action against the persons who insist on doing so. The matter is currently under investigation," she said.

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