‘No Nasty Gal’ for Delly Ranx

January 15, 2021
Delly Ranx
Delly Ranx

An unpleasant encounter at a friend's house birthed inspiration for Delly Ranx's latest single, No Nasty Gyal. The veteran deejay told THE WEEKEND STAR that he visited the house and was shocked at the condition of the kitchen.

The entertainer said he did not want to offend his friend, and so he kept his thoughts to himself. He, however, said that he could not help expressing himself in song.

"Mi know my grandmother teach mi say fi keep my place clean because yuh never know when yah go get visitors, and when mi see how the place did stay, it did feel a way because place fi clean," Delly Ranx told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"All mi coulda think bout a back in the days when mi grandmother used to run mi fi go scour the bathroom and make sure say di plate dem wash up. Mi a say to mi self mi thank God fi her because a she teach mi cleanliness, so mi can't nasty and mi can't take up no nasty gyal."

Delly Ranx, known for songs such as Sexy Attitude and Pelpa, said that he had a lot of fun putting together No Nasty Gyal. He said he didn't want to appear as if he was lashing out against 'nasty girls'; he just wanted to highlight the reasons why women and men should uphold a clean lifestyle in a fun way.

"Mi just did a think say when people listen this dem must wah go scrutinise dem house but dem must also laugh because it's humorous," he said.

Delly Ranx said that based on feedback, listeners are loving the new single.

"I did it for a guy in Belgium and when mi send it go gi him, him a say 'yow Delly Ranx, dis bad'. Since I start promoting it, I do about 50 dubplates for it already. The ladies dem, especially, a go crazy because dem a say dem nah promote the nasty living either," he said.

"I expected people to react this way honestly and so I am glad they love the track. What I want now is for the deejay dem to give it dat full push and know say if dem do the right thing, it a guh become a good tune inna di dancehall, especially now because everybody deh home and so yuh home affi clean."

Delly Ranx is also promoting the tracks Leave Drugs Alone and Lef Dem To Time. The entertainer is also working on a new album. Its title track, Big Time, is a collaboration with Spragga Benz.

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