Jahfrican moves to Afrobeat market with single

March 18, 2021

Jamaican recording artiste and songwriter Adrian Locke, known as Jahfrican, is reconnecting with his African roots with his recent single, 'Ole Friend'.

The single, released last year, highlights the concept of real friendship that isn't affected by hatred or jealousy but is unconditionally supportive throughout any challenge.

With fans in Jamaica and the Caribbean appreciating the track since its release, Jahfrican is now excited that the single has seen increased rotation in African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and parts of South Africa, since the start of the year.

The artiste birthed his Jamaican-African alter ego by doing Afrobeat dubplates for fun for renowned selectors like Tony Matterhorn and Ricky Trooper. He has seen that evolve into an actual artiste persona and now the Motherland is showing his music the desired appreciation.

"I've seen people using the Ole Friend track as a wedding dance song, to send birthday wishes, and even as tribute at funerals. Ole Friend has been warmly received worldwide and I am so humbled," Jahfrican explained.

Now he is ready to prepare the official music video for the single. The visuals were delayed last year due to the novel coronavirus.

"I was waiting on the global crisis of COVID to pass, but since it has not, my team, Sicaro and TruckBack Records, decided now is the time. A song of this nature is timeless and that is being proven with the increased global interest for the Ole Friend single right now," Jahfrican added.

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