Girls going wild for Skillibeng’s ‘Sloppy challenge’

June 02, 2021
Dancehall artiste Skillibeng.
Dancehall artiste Skillibeng.

Hot on the heels of his multiple Billboard chart success, dancehall frontrunner Skillibeng has released an erotic new single titled 'Sloppy'.

The track, which was released last Friday, speaks about oral sex and encourages women to embrace their inner freak. It has since sparked a 'Sloppy challenge' on social media, where women have been showing off their various skills and desires.

Videos of women sucking on objects representing the male genitals have been flooding the artiste's Instagram stories, as women vie for the $350,000 cash prize. However, the 'contestants' have come under heavy fire for participating in a competition many have deemed as demeaning and degrading.

But Bad Boy Trevor, an erotic nightclub owner, insists that the 'Sloppy challenge' demonstrates that oral sex is no longer taboo in Jamaica.

"In terms of the song itself and the challenge, I am not going to critique it, because yuh have thousands of artistes in Jamaica and yuh affi find ways to show yuh talent. In terms of the reaction to the girls in the videos, I think the song gives them a kind of sexual pleasure and they are expressing that," he said.

"If that is their relaxation and dem feel like a dat dem love, dem a guh dweet. These things are not taboo anymore, and di females dem a guh come out hard fi di man dem, especially because dem a make money ... . Girls dem pan social media every day a show breast just to make a dollar."

Bad Boy Trevor said that those who choose to sexualise themselves on the Internet should not be subjected to backlash as they are earning their honest bread.


Cultural and entertainment authority Professor Donna Hope told THE STAR that the Sloppy challenge is for women who want to tune into their 'freakier side'.

"The moral police lashing out against it are older folks. A lot of the young people do not see anything wrong with it. Many of them are basically naked on their pages, everything is showing, and $350,000 is a good piece of change," she said.

"That kind of money is going to cause people to drop their morals. I have been at events where people drop panties for a couple dollars, (so) $350,000 is going to cause people to rush out to try at this prize, and they are going to turn up the competition with each post."

But Hope warned young women about participating in similar challenges.

"I am very ambivalent when it comes to this topic (morals over money) because I understand that the world is changing, but if I had a daughter, she could not put herself out there like that, because I know these thing have a way of haunting you as a woman. You do not want these images and videos following you around when you have a change of mind about how you operate," she said.

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