Better to be underrated, says Bugle

August 10, 2021

As he gets ready to release his fourth studio album in October, recording artiste Bugle says he acknowledges that he might be one of Jamaica's most underrated entertainers but says that isn't something he minds too much.

"I rather be underrated than overrated. If mi ago be overrated den just don't rate me none at all because mi nuh want weh anuh mine, or weh mi nuh deserve," he said. "When you overrated, yuh nuh have no weh fi go but down because people rate yuh too much and when yuh nuh live up to expectations, dem ago drop yuh. When yuh underrated is because yuh great and people nah gi yuh weh due to yuh. But there is always the chance to earn people's respect as long as you maintain your standards."

Speaking of standards, the hitmaker said that although he doesn't get the ratings he believes he deserves, he doesn't allow it to hinder his progress.

Nuh inna di passa passa

"The thing wid music is dat when yuh nuh inna di passa passa and the mix-up most a di times, is like yuh nuh exist nuh matter how great your work is. Music itself is like a battlefield. Yuh affi a fight all the time," he said. "But I don't make nothing bother me because mi know me a do weh mi supposed to do. Once me a put in the work, mi make it speak for itself. It has been doing that because my fans know what I am about."

But he admits that sometimes the unfair workings of the industry make it hard for him to be treated at his worth.

"When yuh see a show yuh know yuh should be a part of based on the line-up, yuh start to wonder if it's a personal thing. I have a solid catalogue, mi always a do a great job when it comes to performances; so why am I not on certain shows?" he questioned. "Den another thing, some a di show dem will reach out but it's like dem telling you what they're giving you instead of giving you what you're truly worth. All because dem claim say yuh nuh 'hot' at the moment. But me can't work so hard fi build my career and know say me value $10 and make a man tell mi say a $2 dem a gi me."

Bugle said that all he wants is acknowledgement but he will not fight for that.

"If yuh want acknowledge me, yuh acknowledge me, if you don't want to, yuh arite," he continued. "Mi acknowledge myself and mi have a solid fan base and das why me nah take less than me deserve, hot or not."

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