Macka Diamond wants Benz truck for birthday

January 12, 2022
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

As she makes her '16th' trip around the sun today, dancehall artiste Macka Diamond has one particular birthday wish.

"My dream is for someone to buy me my Benz truck, so let's hope I get that," the Lexus and Benz hitmaker told THE STAR. In the background was artiste Chivea, who promised to grant her the luxurious wish.

"I told him I want one of the new sporty ones," Macka Diamond said, with a hearty laugh. "For today, I'm also going to hang out with my friends just a little bit, but mi nah gwaan with no bag a things until Friday."

That day marks the start of her 'Sweet 16 US Birthday Tour' at Club Dubai in Queens, New York. The dancehall and soca affair will feature the birthday girl and friends in performance, with names like soca's 'wining queen' Denise Belfon, Future Fambo and Chivea on the line-up. But the occasion will serve a greater purpose for Macka Diamond, who will be donating some of the proceeds from the ticket sales to her Pregnant Mothers in Need Foundation.

"I want people to understand that a lot of times if we make money as artistes, we are donating it. The money is not really for me ... it is for my foundation. I am taking care of these young girls, and we do other things, but we nuh really speak about it. For the people who not gonna be attending, I'm trying to let them know that they can still support it because this is what it is and we are supporting these ladies, and it's a good and worthy cause," she said.

After Friday, the tour will continue in Cincinnati on January 22 and North Carolina on the 28th and 29th. Today also marks the birthday of Dexta Daps, who turns 36. He'll also be celebrating with a show in Boston on Friday, dubbed the 'Vent X Owna Experience'.

Macka Diamond's age is still a conversation piece on social media, but she isn't about to let the cat out of the bag.

"People will speculate that I'm 100, 200, 500, 20, but we still nuh business 'bout that. I'm celebrating my sweet 16," she said.

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