High demand for D’Angel’s lingerie - Star says she has no plans for Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2022
D’Angel showing off her piece, ‘Secret’.
D’Angel showing off her piece, ‘Secret’.

Xposed creator D'Angel has expanded her lingerie collection since its launch last December.

Her designs include bodysuits, corsets, and a wide variety of underwear cuts including Brazilian and g-string.

"My lingerie line represents women that are confident in their own skin and not afraid to embrace their femininity," D'Angel told THE STAR. The entertainer-turned-entrepreneur previously opened up about an experience with body-shaming, stating that she is unbothered by negative comments.

"God creates everyone in their own shape and size, [so] loving and accepting yourself for who you are has always been my motto," she said.

Already the dancehall star has shown daring style by becoming a model for her brand and her hook is deliberately. She has used names like 'Want It Back', a dress with full coverage at the front but a sexy revealing back, and 'I'll Dance For You', a lacy alter bodysuit. On the brand's website, fellow dancehall diva Pamputtae models 'Secret', a two-piece set that leaves much to the imagination but still teasing the eyes with its lace.

D'Angel shared, "I'm catering to women of all sizes. Since the launch of my lingerie, I've even learned something new. The plus-size or our fluffy ladies order the sexiest pieces. It's a very refreshing feeling to know that my brand allows women to be free to express yourself."

With many of her items costing less than $10,000, D'Angel believes that the brand is affordable. With the demand growing for the sexy garments, she has had to partner with a physical location rather than depend solely on the website.

"The sales have been going good and it is because my prices are very affordable. The demand has been high and this Valentine's weekend has been one of the busiest for Xposed by D'Angel lingerie. Women are purchasing and likewise men for their significant others," she said.

D'Angel revealed that she does not have any personal plans for Valentine's Day and said that while she is aware of many males who have a 'crush' on her, "no one has stepped up to ask me to be their Valentine".

"Neither have I been invited on a date. But I figure maybe they're afraid to because of the confidence I exude, if that's a way to think about it. But hey, I don't have horns," she laughed.

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