‘My interest is to help people’ - D’Angel is a humanitarian at heart

March 07, 2022
Sitting in his new wheelchair, Mr Pints is flanked by Alicia Grant and entertainer D’Angel.
Sitting in his new wheelchair, Mr Pints is flanked by Alicia Grant and entertainer D’Angel.

D'Angel continues to help the less fortunate through her Angel's Foundation. Last Friday, she donated a wheelchair to an 82-year-old man, affectionately known on social media as Mr Pints.

The entertainer and philanthropist told THE STAR that Mr Pints was using a walker, but needed the wheelchair after recently suffering a stroke and a mild heart attack.

"I've reached out on several occasions, through my foundation for a wheelchair, but never got the help," she said.

"I really wanted the mobile one because of his condition and the fact that he likes to feel independent. But I have to give thanks for Alicia Grant, the St Catherine Patriots secretary, who heard my cry and made contact with Opposition Leader Mark Golding, who responded speedily in providing the wheelchair which I'm very grateful and thankful for."

The Patriots is the young professional arm of the People's National Party.

D'Angel, the Tears of Joy singer, has been helping Mr Pints, a fellow Spanish Town, St Catherine-native, for two years. Through her foundation, she also built him a house. But D'Angel isn't taking all the credit for his improved state.

"I have to put a bright spotlight on Agovia Forrest, a young lady from Rivoli in Spanish Town, for her round-the-clock work with Mr Pints to ensure he's getting all the needed care back to full recovery. It's not like mi a pay her or anything fi assist with him. She makes sure that he gets his medication and food, she cleans the place, everything, so I have to acknowledge her because mi live a Kingston. Mi nuh know how mi woulda manage if a nuh fi she so her contribution is invaluable and priceless."

Her foundation is also helping Omar Robinson, who despite losing a leg, pushes a handcart in her hometown.

"His story touched me so I shared it on my platform, requesting a prosthetic leg because that's all he wanted," she said.

"The support was good and everyone commended me for doing such great humanitarian work, but there was no monetary help to assist in getting the leg. I prayed about it and God answered my prayers. To my surprise, Rewran Brown, an orthotic and prosthetic technician, reached out to me and offered to do it for free."

Robinson is scheduled to travel to Brown's Montego Bay-based lab for consultation soon.

"My job and interest as a humanitarian are to relieve people of their misery because I love to help people. Also, for persons out there that would like to contribute to my foundation, you can email angelsproduction@gmail.com."

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