‘Easy’ collab for Rosh Reign and Devin Di Dakta

June 21, 2022
Rosh Reign
Rosh Reign
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta

Rosh Reign tries to steer clear of expectations, but she does hope that Easy, a love song with Devin Di Dakta, finds limitless favour.

Produced by ZihKing, the official audio debuted earlier this month with visuals showing a romantic getaway.

"My hope is that this tune will tek off. I want everybody to be listening to it," Rosh Reign told THE STAR. "It's a tune that kids can listen to, teenagers, big people, it's for everybody. I hope that we get sales, that the streams are up ... I wanna hear it in the parties, I wanna see it on TikTok and in reels. I just want the song to be really successful."

The collaboration is a fusion of dancehall, R&B and hip hop genres made complete with sweet vocals about the organic nature of a romantic relationship. Like the song's title, their chemistry actually sounds eas,y with Rosh Reign setting the mood for their connection and Devin Di Dakta complementing the sultry essence of the song. The collaboration actualised after she messaged him on Instagram last November.

"I knew he had a rating for my talent based on his comments and support on some of my posts, and I appreciate his lyricism deeply. I was at home and had this idea for a while that me and Devin woulda sound really bad pon a tune ... . So, I was curious and excited to see what we could do. He was up for it," she said. After more creative and network exchanges, the artistes recorded their parts separately.

"The way he loved it, he asked to do another verse. Once something flows naturally, I feel like this is it. So the song came about pretty easy," said Rosh Reign.

The same went for shooting the visuals, as she added: "Devin was pretty much on board with equal efforts, so it was pretty smooth."

Besides promoting the song this summer, Rosh Reign said fans can look forward to another collaboration, other music and local and overseas performances.

She also hopes to release an EP this year, the process for which she said is pretty much finished. Pre-releases Lockdown With Me and Run Come will form part of that project.

Formerly known as Rosh Rebel, the singer is also pushing her 'Yellow Massive' movement, which carries deeper meaning beyond having an all-yellow wardrobe.

"Everybody should just join the Yellow Massive train. Yellow is vibrant, yellow is good vibrations, yellow is just life and love and positivity. That's what it represents for me, and so I just invite everyone to be a part of that."

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