DJ Ragz boosting Jamaican talent Down Under

September 06, 2022
JLotu$ (left) and DJ Ragz.
JLotu$ (left) and DJ Ragz.

DJ Ragz, the respected influencer and radio personality for reggae dancehall in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, has been steadily building his company Urban Movement Entertainment.

It was recently funded by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, the Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia, and the Department of Human Services, to provide programmes that engage the youths, promote well-being and give emerging talent the business insight they will need to enter the entertainment industry. Working with up-and-coming artistes like JLotu$, who hails from Greater Portmore in St Catherine, DJ Ragz is encouraging JLotu$ not only to formulate rhymes, but also to present himself in Australia. He is looking to connect him to the music industry with a series of releases and radio play in Jamaica.

"Meeting JLotu$ in 2016 along with his mother, both ex-pats from Jamaica, who now reside in Australia, was a growth-and-realisation experience, the growth in the music business and the realisation I have an ability to influence young minds and provide music opportunities to them. Sharing a common heritage, it was an easy fit and understanding of one another's objectives," said DJ Ragz. The radio personality is the founding chairperson of the Caribbean Association of South Australia and a music educator who combines these roles to encourage the creativity of local youths who have a connection to the Caribbean.

JLotu$ has seen much in his 27 years and moving to Adelaide, Australia in 2013 as an 18-year-old was a culture-shock experience.

"DJ Ragz has helped a whole heap in getting me ready for my music career with life reasonings and leading by example," he said. The artiste took part at the end-of-year cypher on Fresh927 last December where DJ Ragz gives local talents a chance to showcase their craft.

JLotu$, who wants to make his family back in Jamaica proud and wave the Jamaican flag in Australia said, "It hasn't been an easy road and learning to deal with a different culture with only a few real people around has been hard. But I'm positive and looking forward to putting good music out to the world."

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