OnlyFans is not for me - Lisa Hyper has no intentions to enter adult showroom

September 16, 2022
Lisa Hyper
Lisa Hyper

Recording artiste Lisa Hyper has not been shy to show off her assets. Since the bodacious dancehall diva had cosmetic surgery procedures, inclusive of a breast lift, Brazilian butt lift and liposculpture she has been coordinating her outfits to show off the results.

Speculation has been rife that the Sculpture artiste could join the growing list of dancehall artistes to join OnlyFans, an adult-oriented content subscription service. However, she told THE WEEKEND STAR on Thursday that the only fans she is focused on are the persons who are supportive of her career and music.

"Me nuh have the personality fi go pon OnlyFans, a nuh my thing that. Some things weh me do, a because me haffi do it - a weh come wid di work and creative expression. People have said why me no go check it out maybe because of my body, but it is not something, me give a thought, I don't know anything really about it," she said.

The Nuh Frighten artiste said that making money via OnlyFans is not for her, even as she stressed that she has no issues with people joining it.

"Despite the stigma attached to the platform, nothing weird comes to my mind about it, I just don't see myself making an account. I must also say, me nuh have nutn against nuh body weh do it. To each is own, enuh, and it's what works for you at the end of the day," she said.

Lisa Hyper recently posted an eye-catching picture on her social media pages in which she shows off perfectly sculpted bouncy pair. She was on set as a video was being done for Ghetto Man, her newest single. She was outfitted in her Clarks, ripped denim jeans and bejewelled nipple covers.

"You have some people that think is for attention but coulda wear anything else, but me choose fi wear wah me wear. It's not for attention but it's because I'm confident enough to do it. I've always been a confident person and about my style and what I choose."

She is also confident that Ghetto Man will be a massive hit, and has therefore urged persons to be on the look out for it.

"It's one of those tracks that me catch the vibe; you know when you find something that works for you and it sound good, of course you feel relieved and happy, but with this one, when me done, me actually say the words 'Thank God'," Lisa Hyper said.

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