Another ‘Beautiful Day’ for Jermaine Edwards - Song climbs Billboard charts

March 30, 2023

Jermaine Edwards' 2014 track Beautiful Day, which was remixed and re-released in January featuring Rushawn Ewears and UK rapper Prinz, has now entered the US Afrobeats Songs charts at number 26.

It remains on the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart and made its debut on March 2 on the UK Official Singles chart.

The gospel entertainer told THE STAR that he is overjoyed at the recent success of the tune.

"It has been such an awesome feeling with all of these things that have been going on since last year, November to December. It really is a great thing has been happening to an old song. Even Sony has said they have never seen anything like this before," he said.

The track went viral last year when a video of a young Rushawn re-emerged and had people all over the world rocking to the tune. The song eventually earned Edwards a deal with Sony. According to him, this occurrence is a testament to patience and the importance of creating good music.

"Good music is timeless. I can't say anything more than that. This is for people, and I think a lot of creatives feel like this sometimes, like they want to give up, and I have been in that position a lot of times where I have been wondering if this was it. You have some slow-burn songs and some fast songs and songs that last for a lifetime, and you have some that become hits instantly and then others that take a few months. So, it is amazing to see that I am still benefiting from a song that was made so long ago," Edwards said.

With no intention of slowing down, Edwards is releasing a new track today, Shining Bright, which he says is also being presented as a message for people to keep pushing.

"It is ironic because I was sharing the song with someone going through something. He was going to give up on music and, when he heard the song, he was like ' shining bright in a world that we living in'. A world filled with darkness and I am just shedding light. For years, people have known me for something positive and inspirational and uplifting music that gives hope and that's what I am giving," Edwards revealed.

He added that he plans on releasing more new music this year, as well as taking on more shows. But, above all, he is working with Rushawn to help him grow as an artiste.

"His voice is not the same like when he did it in 2017, so we are trying to work on him 'cause it is not like he is an 'artiste, artiste' yet. His voice is still there but he is not like a writer. But we are coming out with some stuff for him. I know people were expecting us to do our version of Beautiful Day but, with so many versions out there already, might as well we do something new," Edwards explained.

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