Jpresto on mission of self-discovery through music

March 30, 2023

Admitting that his life was not very easy growing up, STAR on the Rise Jpresto explained that music eventually became an outlet for him to document his feelings and experiences.

It has been just over five years since he began taking music seriously as a profession, but with all that he has learned, he is aiming to take things up a notch.

The 20-year-old, who is originally from Spanish Town, St Catherine, shared that he was only a child when he realised he had a special love for performing.

"I used to dance at Christmas, and all of those nice family gatherings. But really professionally it was around 2017 while attending the Belmont Academy in Westmoreland. But at Tarrant High School we used to knock the table top. I used to even spend time in the mirror performing and all that, and I remember in 2018 when my friends suggested that I take the music seriously because the songwriting thing comes to me naturally, and I did," he shared.

He moved around a lot based on financial challenges and family issues, which was reflected in his music.

"I can remember in Tarrant High some of the things I used to write about being very sad," Jpresto said. But now, the singer, who is currently attending the University of Technology Jamaica said his music has a much more positive spin.

"Everyone has trials and tribulations and I feel like just my experience of being around different classes of people, I have seen the lowest of low and I have not seen the highest of high yet. But I have seen a lot of intelligent people and I think that has impacted my music, pushing me to do things that are more uplifting and inspirational," he said.

Inspired by the artistes such as Masika, Aidonia and Jahmiel, Jpresto said that he does not want his music to discuss common topics, but to go beyond the surface. He added that this was the reason he is still pursuing higher education, so as to give him the knowledge necessary to produce extraordinary lyrics. For him, music is a representation of who you are.

"Don't sway because of what the crowd is doing. I could get up and sing any chopping but me stay real to myself and what the universe is telling me, and what it is telling me to put in my music. You must always try to connect with the real inner you, and it's not just about the music, but also discovering yourself through the music ... and you should use it [music] as something to improve your life and improve the lives of those who listen to it."

Earlier this year, he released his first EP The Risque.

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