Real Talk with...Dancehall Queen Carlene (Part 2)


December 03, 2015
Contributed Dancehall Queen Carlene and Beenie Man cuts the cake with their daughter Crystal Davis

Hi my Real Talk peeps, welcome back. Last week I promised I would conclude my interview with... **cues dance** butterfly, butterfly, mek me see yuh butterfly....Yes! You guessed interview with Dancehall Queen Carlene, so here goes.

Renee: Did you ever want more children?

Carlene: No, I did not have a mother per se in my life. I had one, still have one, love her to death and everything but she was never a part of my life, the way a mother should. For this I was afraid of being a parent because I would usually be thinking to myself, "Am I good enough? Would I be like my mother?" But when I did have a child it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I adopted a little girl, prior to having a child and that was a nightmare, so I was definitely afraid. But yes, sometimes I think about it.

Renee: Why was adopting a child a nightmare?

Carlene: After I had her for four years, they took her back because it was about money. It was heart rending for me. They took her back from me because they wanted money and the courts told me I shouldn't pay but because of who I was at the time, they were fighting it. She (the little girl) was killed in 2010 by gunmen. I buried her because they killed her parents the year before. She wasn't even 15 years old when they killed her. I was distraught because this little girl went from rags to riches and they took her from me and things just got horrible. I lost about 15 pounds just thinking about it.

Renee: What is your ideal date?

Carlene: I don't have ideal stuff. I have realistic things. So if he does something that I've never had done to me before, that might just be my ideal date. I like spontaneous stuff. I'm not into fairytale romance, that's not me. If you run home and one shoe missing (Cinderella) then you're drunk and I don't drink (laughs). It could be a night on a bike back that wows me; I don't have ideal things.

Renee: Do you see yourself and Beenie Man getting back together?

Carlene: I can't say no. The fact that we are best friends it is possible. We both understand each other. I totally understand him and I know how to deal with him. Anything is possible especially when you are alive and well and as I said, I have no hate in my heart for him, it's all love. It's just that sometimes in life, you know what didn't work so it's best that we remain friends (laughs).

Renee: Describe the friendship you share with him.

Carlene: He has spent many nights at my house and it's just about friendship. It is not about sex, it's not about anything outside of friendship. When his world goes tumbling down, he will find me, he knows peace of mind is there. We have a daughter that loves him to death. They have a bond and it has nothing to do with me.

Dat nice eeh? A so people fi live. Anyway, next week I will be talking with another one of your favourite Jamaicans. Until then, keep it real!

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