Dancehall moves in Justin Beiber's "Sorry" video

December 07, 2015
A scene from the music video for Justin Beiber's "Sorry"

So by now everyone probably knows of "Sorry", Justin Beiber's dancehall/EDM track on his fourth and latest studio album Purpose.

Released on October 23, "Sorry" has been doing well, having topped charts in over 7 different countries across the world.

The track is also enjoying heavy rotations on local radio stations here in Jamaica, as fans are loving the dancehall beats that the track incorporates.

But the music is not the only aspect of dancehall that "Sorry" draws on as the video has a slew of dancehall moves.

Yes! The video for "Sorry" which is 3:25 seconds long has over 10 dancehall moves.

 Here they are:

1.   Tempa Wine ,      created by Kartoon


2. River Nile,   created by  Endeavourers



3. Gully Slide,         created by Kadillac



4.Gully Creeper created by Ice [deceased] &  Boassy Bounce created by Blaazay


5. Over Yuh Head,  John Hype


6. Call Dung Di Rain,    John Squad



7. Cow Foot, Shelly Belly


8. Muscle Wine,   Rachel Sherlock


9. Bogle waistline, Gerald Bogle Levy [deceased]


10. Badda Wave,    Raddy Rich & Cosmic Elite


11. Bruck It Down,   Kishauna Bless from Vybe Ihatas

"Sorry" has racked up over 260 million views on YouTube.

The music video was choreographed by 24-year-old Parris Goebel, a  professional dancer and teacher from New Zealand. She also appears in the video (dressed in full black and a hat)


(Dance list compiled by dancers Orville Hall and Queen Latisha)


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