How to: Reapply for lost passport


December 04, 2015

Christmas means the return of our relatives who are living abroad for the holiday period. The misplacement of the Jamaican passport or the expiration of it means that it will have to be replaced before they are able to travel back to Jamaica. Here is how to reapply for a new passport if it has been lost or expired:

If you lose your passport, you must first report the matter to the police and the closest overseas mission in your jurisdiction. An investigation may be conducted and a report will be provided for you to to take to the nearest Jamaican Embassy/consulate office in the United States (US).

The next step is to visit the Jamaican Embassy, high commission or consulate office to commence the process of applying for a passport.

A waiting period of three months (after making the report) is required before any application to replace a passport is accepted. This is to allow for the necessary investigations.

Once the passport is reported lost, it is barred from being used by the individual. If recovered, it must immediately be reported to where you originally reported its loss.

If after the period of investigation you are still unable to locate your passport, then you will be allowed to submit your application for a replacement of the document.

The following documents must be provided with your application:

1. Two passport-sized colour pictures, one of which must be certified;

2. A certified application form;

3. Your birth certificate or certificate of Jamaican citizenship;

4. A valid identification card;

5. The police report/crime reference number;

6. Replacement fee (US$160).

7. After receiving your application, the Jamaican mission will remit the information to the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency's head office in Kingston.

8. Overseas applications for passports are processed within 20 working days of receipt. The passport would be collected at the Embassy or consulate office or where the application was made.

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