Suss with Latty Goodaz


December 18, 2015
File J Capri
File Romain Virgo delivering his tribute in song at J Capri's funeral.
File Lady Saw
File Selector Boom Boom
Mr Vegas
Jah Cure
Shipping barrels/drums

Suss with Latty Goodaz

Champion, me a di champion girl. One bagga gold medal pon me enuh, champion girl you know how di ting go! Big up me people dem straight. Christmas come and some people still nuh done pay back the money dem owe from 2015 start. Big up all the people dem who have dem priorities straight. A we say beauty and brains.

RIP J Capri. Me watch you funeral pon the live stream and me glad fi see so much artiste turn out fi yuh send off. Big up Romain Virgo, you sing and water come a me eye. Me a beg everybody fi be careful pon the roads.

Sister Lady Saw, you nuh easy enuh. Dem not even bury the young lady good and yuh come wid big announcement. You know yuh cudda wait till morning fi tell we though?! Me glad say you finally give your life to Jesus. Me hope you serious this time because God a nuh somebody fi play wid! Me have a question though, since you baptise and ting, a who a the new Queen of Dancehall?? Me think you need fi appoint a successor.

Boom Boom, a you a the bad selector weh a run the streets, but you make a likkle luuuu speech wah day ya. Of course, dancehall judge, aka Mr Vegas, tek it up and run wid because a him say talk di tings dem! Boom Boom you claim say one specific dancehall artiste caan get you fi premiere or promote him song, me a go want you call name! Call name and make we know a who you a dash word pon. You backitive strong, so call name.

So after me talk to unuh bout the type of dancing weh unuh a do, unuh come back this week a beat one anedda wid barrel cover?? Me feel like say police fi lock up some a unuh. Unuh nuh mek no sense inna the dance. Since unuh cayliss and nuh have no sense, a better unuh go lay dung a prison.

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