Forever, I do!

March 19, 2016
George Henry The newlyweds posing for the cameras after the wedding ceremony.
George Henry Mr and Mrs Stewart and the many members of their bridal party.
George Henry One of many happy moments for Mr and Mrs Stewart inside the Newport New Testament Church of God on their wedding day.

The long, hard showers which fell on Saturday, February 27, were not sufficient to stall the wedding ceremony for Randy Stewart and Dorraine Yorke at the Newport New Testament Church of God in Manchester.

In front of more than 70 guests, the two exchanged vows after being instructed by Reverend Ronald Mitchell inside the well-decorated church, which had the predominant colours of yellow and grey.

There were lots of flowers. The venue was decorated by Dorraine's three brothers and their wives. The ambience was picture perfect, to the satisfaction of the bride and groom and those in attendance.

Mrs Stewart made it clear to THE STAR there was nothing she would have changed at the wedding or the reception, because everything went well. She stated that even though it fell, nothing was affected however, had it not rained it would have been nice, giving all a dry day.

Doirraine, who appeared to be very nervous, was a picture of beauty and elegance. She was five minutes late for the wedding ceremony, which was no fault of hers, but due to the time spent decorating the car which took her to the church. This, however, did not take away from the properly arranged function.


"I was nervous because I wanted the day to be through. I was nervous prior to reaching the altar, but thereafter all my nervousness disappeared," said Dorraine.

Randy, who appeared calm and collected due to the wonderful support of his groomsmen, said he was not nervous but excited.

He was waiting for the moment to take place, while waiting for his bride, he was there 'building a vibes' with the groomsmen.

He was excited and ready to repeat his marriage vows. He showed the crowd how much he was in love with his mate, as he was all smiles with her throughout the ceremony.

"I will always remember my marriage vows for the rest of my life. The vows will remain with me forever. When he (pastor) asked me if I was willing to take her for my lawful wedded wife for the rest of my life; for better, for worse, through sickness, through health and all those things, it really impressed upon me. Those I will always cherish and remember," noted Stewart. Mrs Stewart, likewise, will never forget her vows to her husband.

Following the wedding ceremony, the couple and their guests journeyed to Neil's Auditorium in Mandeville for the reception. Randy proposed to Dorraine on May 9, last year.


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