God worked a miracle for me

March 26, 2016
George Henry Hyacinth Sinclair

The Bible tells us that if we ask the Lord for something and believe by faith that He will give us, then it will surely come through. Well, such was the case with deaconess Hyacinth Sinclair.

Sinclair, while testifying about the goodness of Jesus, shared that she had been praying for many years for God to bless her with a place for her children and herself and it appeared as if God was not going to come through for her.

However, Sinclair said one day her prayers were answered. "I have been praying and asking the Lord to give me the strength and the faith to endure a lot of things. I prayed for years for Him to help me to accomplish the construction of a house for me and my children. I worked towards it (house), and I prayed earnestly," said Sinclair, a born-again Christian for over 46 years.

The churchwoman noted that she backed up her prayers with fasting and told the Lord that her need was great, as she desperately wanted a house because life for her was very difficult. She pointed out that she went on her knees for years, and her prayer to God was that she needed help as He was the only one who could help her to accomplish her goal.

"I worked towards it (house) and told the Lord that I wanted to start it in 2004, but I was not certain as to where help was coming from. I told the Lord that He had to send somebody to help me. I started purchasing some blocks and other materials; and the Lord sent help for me and I started the construction of two rooms," testified Sinclair.

The church worker noted that although she had planned to start with two rooms, the Lord blessed her to the extent that she was able to build four rooms instead; giving her a double blessing, while accomplishing her dream through prayer, fasting, trust in the Lord and the faith she exercised in Him.

"That was how my miracle worked. I feel so proud of myself and I love the Lord with all my heart. I want to encourage every young person, especially those who have just started with the Lord, to exercise faith in God and believe in miracles because He will come through for you just as how he came through for me," testified Sinclair.

She noted that only God could have seen her through in the way He has blessed her; and her words of encouragement to persons who have been praying for very long for a miracle is not to give up or stop praying and fasting, because one of these days God is going to come through for them. She added that despite the Christian pathway being difficult, we should never give up on God because He will never give up on us.

"Trust in the Lord, believe in Him. He is a deliverer, He is a provider, and He is our all. That is the reason why I can rejoice in Him. I can tell anyone about the miracles He has worked and continues to work in my life," said the deaconess.

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