God still works miracles!

April 09, 2016
George Henry Reverend Alfred Francis

The Bible tells us we should pray without ceasing; and if we put out faith and trust in God we will accomplish whatever we want through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Reverend Alfred Francis from Clarendon serves at the Tower of Faith Ministries in Tortola, British Virgin Island. He is one of millions who wholeheartedly believes this statement.

Francis testified that he and his wife, Rose, married for more than 25 years, had asked God to bless them with a child. They asked for a number of years before their requests came through.

"Doctors said my wife could not have any children, and after many challenges of having to go through several procedures without success, prayer and fasting proved them all wrong.

"We prayed and we fasted for years, but while doing so we lifted our faith in God. Our strong faith in God gave us the desire of our heart, because we now have two sons, one is 13 and the other nine.

"There is nothing too difficult for God to solve. He blessed us with not only one, but two children. God came through for us. It appeared as if God was late in coming through for us, but he was right on time," testified Francis.

The churchman said he has proven God over and over since he gave his heart to Him nearly 36 years ago. He testified that one of his sons was very ill, and doctors had to take him to the emergency Room on three occasions.

Francis explained that his son was not eating anything, his eyes became red, fingers and toes were swollen and his lips were red like blood.

"One Sunday morning I took him to the hospital and I was there crying and praying to God. I told God my son belongs to Him and whatever His will was, let it be done, because I could not do anything to help him.

Shortly after I was through praying, my prayer was answered. My son got better almost instantaneously. His eyes, mouth and everything came back normal. Nobody touched him; it was just the hands of God. I saw the miraculous hands of God moved on my son," said Francis.

Francis impressed that God is still in the miracle-working business and all who have been praying for a miracle in their life only need to be patient with Him.

"When one goes to sleep at nights, there is no guarantee that you will wake up to see the light of day. The fact that we wake up and are in our right mind is a wonderful miracle in itself. So let us keep trusting God and He will make ways for us," said Francis.

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