Juanike Blake dedicated to God

April 09, 2016
George Henry Young father Houdoni Blake holding his baby daughter Juanike, while he and other family members listens to a charge from Bishop Donald Dawson during the baby's dedication ceremony.
George Henry Bishop Donald Dawson praying for baby Juanike at her dedication.

Proverbs 22, verse 6, tells us that we should 'train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it'.

That was exactly what Bishop Donald Dawson, pastor at Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God,Clarendon, told the parents, godparents and officers of the church, who stood before him to witness the dedication of baby-girl Juanike Blake last Sunday.

"Teach them to exercise reverence for God and the word of God. You cannot be reading the word of God and your children are there making noise or moving up and down. You have to teach them these things from early. When you do, it will become a part of them and will remain with them for life," said Dawson.

The pastor told the parents they are the first teachers for their daughter and should do all possible to ensure whatever they teach her are good things, which can help in her development in a positive way.


He said parents must be careful of the type of behaviour they display at home before their children, because children pick up bad behaviour quickly. He said they should hug their daughter so that there can be a sense of belonging, a feeling of love. Dawson noted that everyone needs a hug, now and again, because it will make persons feel wanted.

The pastor reminded the parents that the family is a divine institution, which has been ordained and honoured of God since the beginning of time, and that children are a heritage of the Lord, given to parents for their care, protection and training for His glory.


The parents pledged to bring up their daughter in the fear of the Lord, lead her to Christ early, as well as set before her examples of a Godly and consistent life.

Reverend Dawson in his dedicatory prayer, called on God to protect her from every sickness and disease, and any generational curse that might be passed on from members of her family.

"Reverse everything that might want to come towards her, Lord. Provide for her parents so that they will be in a position to provide for her. I pray that you will let her grow up to be what you want her to be, Lord," prayed Dawson.

Juanike, who weighed eight pounds when she was born at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, on February 22, was the second baby to be dedicated at the church since January. Last year nine babies were christened there.

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