Testimony: Prayer changes things

June 11, 2016
George Henry Photo Pastor Ruby Rose Gibson

It is said that prayer changes things. This is a statement which Pastor Ruby Rose Gibson has no difficulty identifying with.

"Anything I need from God, He always grants it to me; and I appreciate that a whole lot. I just simply pray and God delivers. He always delivers me," said Gibson.

Gibson testified that she went to do some business in Mandeville, Manchester, during a period of bereavement for her late father. She noted that she was crossing a road when she was hit by a motor car.

"I ended up on the bonnet of the car, and I heard my sister bawl out, "Lord God, a what happen to Ruby?" I was unconscious and had to be admitted to the Mandeville Public Hospital for that night, and I remained unconscious," Gibson said.

regained consciousness

The female pastor said she was later transferred to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) because she was unconscious and vomiting.

Gibson said she was admitted to the KPH for three months, and she was unable to walk for nine months.

She testified that her sister told a woman that she was unable to walk and the woman paid her a visit.

"The woman came and she took a bit of sanctified olive oil and anointed me on my forehead. It was there and then that I regained consciousness. She said to me that persons have been in more serious accidents than what I was involved in, and they were able to walk. She questioned how was it that I was not able to walk. From that, I started walking," said Gibson, who currently serves the Emanuel Apostolic Church at White Sand in St Ann.

Gibson said that it was the hand of the Lord which touched her, causing her to regain consciousness, and made her able to walk again.

The church woman, who has been saved since she was eight years old, said that when she left the KPH and went home, she was just laughing uncontrollably.

"I told my eldest sister that I was going to walk because God can do it. I got up out of my wheelchair and told those around me that I was going to do it. I started to walk up and down the passage and was saying 'In the name of Jesus, In the name of Jesus', and started to take several steps walking. From that day I started walking," Gibson said.

The pastor stressed that God is still in the business of healing His people, but we need to exercise faith in Him, and keep on believing that He can do it. She added that all things are possible once we believe in the God that she serves.

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