Downswell taking gospel 'All The Way'

September 16, 2016
Kevin Downswell

"I've always been someone who never settles. If I'm told not to try something because no one has ever done it before, you just gave me my greatest motivation to do it." These are the words of Kevin Downswell, Jamaican gospel musician, as he prepares to embark on a North American tour.

While juggling his time to include the other important roles he plays, including speaker, evangelist, businessman, author and husband, Downswell has chosen to extend himself further and take the gospel to other shores. Downswell has already made promotional appearances in Toronto, Canada, and Baltimore and Miami in the United States, with the intention to make a lasting international imprint on the gospel scene.

"We currently have a few persons on board working with us who are focused on building the brand internationally," Downswell told THE WEEKEND STAR. Following a successful launch of his latest album, All The Way, in Jamaica recently, Downswell and his team are paying keen attention to his music's impact on international charts.

"We have already been seeing fruit from this as track one from the new album, Goodbye World, has been number five on one of Europe's top reggae charts for two weeks now. We have also been receiving a tremendous amount of responses from persons in France, Belgium, UK, some places in Africa - like Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria," he said.

"No matter how good you are, if they don't hear you, they'll never know you. So with the release of this new album, it's all about working on increasing airplay, interviews, live performances, ministry and so much more internationally," Downswell told THE WEEKEND STAR. "All these persons all express how they are enjoying the new album, All The Way. We have been to some of these places, but for the rest of the year and 2017, it's all about strategically accessing and impacting these with the music and its message."

Though he has received 'lots of offers' to record secular music, Downswell told THE WEEKEND STAR that he's not just committed to the faith and his ministry, but he is happy doing it. "I know why I am here, and that is to bring glory and honour to Jesus Christ in all I do, and I plan to give every waking moment to accomplishing that. I believe that enjoying what you do is very vital to its longevity."

With that in mind, the gospel artiste declares that he is ready to take gospel all the way to the four corner of the earth. Downswell told THE WEEKEND STAR that he was preparing to embark on a North American tour to promote the album over the next few months. "US and Canada are the obvious prospects in the interim, but I am also reviewing a couple dates in the Caribbean and I am not ruling out Africa. I want to see Kenya, Ghana and other African countries on my radar, too. I am excited about taking the good news as far as God favours me," he said.

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