FASS & CURIOUS: 'Bigging up' good customer service

September 19, 2016

Hey, peeps, what's popping this week?!

Every day I looking for rain and thought I would lose hope, until last Thursday. I was wondering if God did a malice me or something, 'cause I hear how other places a flood weh and bare things! Grant you, I didn't want so much, but a decent shower or two would do well with cooling down the place a little, don't you think!? And it certainly did, but by Friday the place was boiling again!

So, I always lash out pon the business places that offer poor customer service, but this week I have to 'big up' the security officer at Juici Patties in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew. Mi nah lie, some a unuh could go take a page or two out this man book 'cause him have it lock. I happened to visit this particular outlet a few times and I noticed his attitude and behavior is always the same. So cheers to his consistency!

Now, I always say good customer service is one thing, but you either have it or you just don't.




I know most places train their workers on how to behave with customers, and even if dem nuh get nuh one-on-one training dem tell unuh as workers how fi operate. But after unuh get di wuk and season inna it, unuh nuh badda wid di niceness no more.

Is nuff stores I go in and the workers behave like a beg yuh a beg fi spend yuh money. It can bun me fi unuh, yuh si! Unuh fi stop it. Stay a unuh yaad if unuh don't want to work and serve people the right way! After all, it's us the customers who are paying you!

This security officer at the Juici outlet provided a service that you would get from a four- or five-star restaurant. He would greet each customer walking through the door. I watched him as he opened door for customers coming in or going out. He would wipe the tables as soon as someone leaves. He would even dispose of people's trays sometimes. He was quite personable.

One girl sat across from my table directly in front the AC looking like she was freezing.

She was skinny and 'geico' - looking the way she combed her hair ... More like 'head', 'cause much hair wasn't their, but she surely made do with what she had. He offered her a seat at my table. I even joked around asking him, "Who tell you that you could put her at my table?!" He just responded with a smile and asked, "You want me to change her?!" Now, if I was him I would ask, "Yuh have table here miss!?" LOL! Walk good!



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