Dancers' Paradise : Spotlight creates 'Annie' dance competition

June 23, 2017

Dancehall artiste Spotlight, has created the Annie Dance Competition which is a female-only challenge, extended to dancehall dancers globally.

The competition is centred around the promotion of his dance song, Annie, produced by Cornelius Records.

According to the producer, the song was not created as a dance song, however, due to the lyrical content, the women on the dancehall scene saw it fit to choreograph their own moves to the record.

"The song has been doing well, and so many females want to take part in the videos and they kept on sending dance videos, to Cornelius, dancing to the song. So since this presented an opportunity, we decided to make it into a formal competition to see who represents the record best," he said.

The veteran deejay, who is booked for Reggae Sumfest, told Dancers' Paradise that he was already planning to include female dancers in his performance at the show, therefore, the competition is quite timely.

"I was already brushing up on my dancing skills to bring out some bad dancers with me at Sumfest, so with the competition now in full swing, it's a good segue leading into the show," he said.

Spotlight said fans can expect some aggressive and entertaining dance moves from the whole Annie crew at the music festival.

"Dancing is important to dancehall, and if the females don't take part, is like people not paying attention to your music," he said.

The winner of the competition will automatically be selected as a part of Spotlight's back-up dancers team. Dancers are required to follow the artiste on Instagram @spotlightkunta, create a dance video dancing to the Annie record, and upload the video to Instagram with the hashtag #spotlightkunta and @spotlightkunta.

The first place winner will be crowned the World Tour Ambassador and also take home a US$500 cash prize.

The second-place contestant will be crowned the Dance Tour Ambassador and will be featured in the official Annie video.

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