Studio Vibes : DeadLine Recordz goes into 'Overdrive'

September 15, 2017
Jermaine 'Tu Finga' Parchment (right) works on another potential hit inside the DeadLine Recordz studio.
Jermaine 'Tu Finga' Parchment (right) with recording artiste Gabbidon.

As you turn on to Whalley Close, which is located off Mona Road in St Andrew, you are met with the reflection of lights from a neon green wall and the menacing barks of Phoenix.

Up ahead is DeadLine Recordz, one of the Corporate Area's newest recording studios. The space is small, but the managing director/executive producer, Jermaine 'Tu Finga' Parchment, takes great pride in the studio that has been built from nothing.

The energy inside the studio was intense as street dancers, Bone Crusher and Gabbidon and dancehall artistes Kosha D SoJah and Poor and Boasy tried to match lyrics with the new rhythm.

Gabbidon quickly jumps out of the sofa to demonstrate his new dance move and Bone Crusher supports him with the raspy shouts of the name, "Overdrive! Overdrive! Overdrive! Watch Gabbidon a do di Overdrive!" The entertainers do not tarry, and before he could finish the movements, Gabbidon ran into the voicing room and puts on the headphones.

Phoenix's frightening bark had by now been drowned by the heavy drum patterns and electronic beats that blared from the small room that houses DeadLine Recordz. He was now a friendly, though protective dog, and has taken up residence on the welcome mat.




Gabbidon, meanwhile, is getting down to business in the voicing room. He was in his element, but at one stage he got flustered. Poor and Boasy stepped in and asked that Tu Finga and Kosha pause the music. He then told Gabbidon to relax and let the "music tek ova like how di dance dem tek ova".

The animated expressions from Poor and Boasy and Bone Crusher were visible as the vibe returned and Gabbidon was again flying high. Tu Finga's smile read, 'I'm pleased' as he realised the track is coming together.

Five hours later, the rhythm and a track with a catchy flow was mixed and mastered. Although being the group of perfectionists that make up DeadLine Recordz, a few additions or changes could be made before the official release in a few weeks.

DeadLine Recordz began as a small sound system group with Parchment and his schoolmates, Laron 'DJ Laron' Harris and Ainsley 'Nico' McDonald, while attending Meadowbrook High School. Manfred 'MaastaChin' Chin joined the team during university. Soon after, they branched out into event planning and music production.

"The group believes, as musicians and producers, you must use whatever raw material is available to create a product; that is, use the vocals of the artistes then use our own skills to enforce the sound with the technology you can afford to apply," said Tu Finga.

Thus far, DeadLine Recordz has a catalogue of over 100 songs, including music by popular recording dancehall artistes Mavado, Laden, Future Fambo, Voicemail, Sanity and most recently Marry Yuh, by Devin di Dakta.

Currently, the DeadLine Recordz studio is advertised as a commercial entity that charges to book time, but the team spends the majority of their time doing in-house projects, trusting that expansion will increase business.

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