Two men, one name, one funeral - Eric Wilsons laid to rest

January 16, 2018
Mourners gather around the coffin bearing the remains of Eric Wilson Snr. and his grandson, Eric Wilson Jnr. at the Falmouth cemetery on Saturday.
Grade 10 students of Albert Town High paying tribute to Eric 'Rod' Wilson Jnr. at his funeral held at the St Joseph Catholic Church in Falmouth, Trelawny on Saturday.
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson Jr.

The Wilsons of Falmouth laid to rest two of their beloved family members, Eric Wilson Sr and his grandson, Eric Wilson Jr, following a service at the St Joseph Catholic Church in Falmouth on Saturday.

Eric Sr, 72, succumbed to cancer on November 8, while his 15-year-old grandson, a student at Albert Town High School, was the victim of a motor vehicle accident on December 15.

At the service, Eric Sr was remembered as a no-nonsense man. His daughter, Davia, said: "My father did not like shorthand work. He wanted all his children to be educated to the max. He loved his wife dearly, and you could not give him enough curry goat, even if the doctor said no."

Eric Sr was a teacher who speciliased in mathematics and physics. He taught at several schools, including William Knibb and Albert Town high schools.

His grandson, who was affectionately called 'Rod', was remembered as a shy person.

"He did not like crowd, but was jovial and respectful. At school, he was always trying to get on the honour roll and was skilled in technical drawing. He was a member of the Falmouth Marching Band and played football for his youth club and school," Dorothy Gibbs said.

Bishop Burchell McPherson, in his sermon, told his congregants that they should always be thankful to God.

"Be kind to all. It does not matter which day you go to church, it is the life you live that matters. What you do to others will come back to determine how society treats you. Live for Jesus Christ," he urged.

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