Barber passionate about his career

November 19, 2015
Contributed Claude Drackett

Twenty-three years and still going strong is how Claude Drackett, 39, sums up his career as a professional barber.

Having plied his trade both locally and overseas, his much-reserved persona has allowed him to garner experience and use the knowledge to hone his craft and make a name for himself.

Drackett told THE STAR that barbering allows him to feed his family. He was introduced to the skill through friends.

He said, "I started professionally in 1992; however, I became interested through friends."

Drackett's busiest day is

usually a Saturday.

"The reason for this is that less people work on a Saturday or many have day-off on that day and can come to the barber and bring their children along," said Drackett.

Drackett is so passionate about his career he readily motivates people interested in the trade.

He said, "I've been encouraging persons to become barbers all along ... ; (and) six are now plying the trade overseas and others are here".

Barbering can be considered a 'tricky' profession, especially in dealing with new clients and meeting their expectations, so there will be bad experiences, but he admits those just happened within the first year or two when he just started. .

"The way how I treat cusomers, the level of service, our interaction is what I consider to be a factor," Drackett said, explaining why his customers keep returning.

Drackett works at Kuttin Edge Barber & Beauty Concepts in St Andrew.

He can be contacted at


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