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October 08, 2015
Contributed Dainian Cover

AndrE Williams

STAR Writer

At first, driving was simply a hobby for 34-year-old Dainian Cover. Now he is a proud driver for the state-owned bus company Jamaica Urban Transport Company (JUTC).

Little did he know at just 17-years-old, when he first began driving, that one day his love for the skill would lead to his career path of becoming a professional driver.

"I started driving at 17 and got my license at 18. I had a business and I used to drive to and from to go for goods and other stuff," he told THE STAR.

Cover said he has been a driver with JUTC for nine months, but he would have been a driver with the company for much longer if he did not withdraw his application more than 10 years ago.

"I applied in 2002 and I got called for the job. I was doing assessment and learnt that a driver got stabbed in Olympic Gardens and another in Mountain View, so I became fearful and was no longer interested," he said.

"I reapplied in 2014 when my business got slow and the bills were piling up. The love for driving coupled with those factors made me realise that I had to try again and this time see if things can work out."

can be stressful

However, Cover admits that the job is sometimes very challenging.

"The job as a driver can be stressful at times, in terms of passengers and management. However, I condition my mind to just work. I also believe drivers are underpaid and management need to look into it and do better. Other than that, it is an OK profession."

As a driver, Cover told THE STAR that he is able to meet different people on a daily basis and that is one of the things he enjoys most about his job.

"I meet a lot of people from different profession - doctors, teachers, police officers and a whole lot more," said Cover.

He also told THE STAR that as a road user he has learnt that almost everybody has an issue with the bus company.

"When I am driving on the road, everybody try to race the bus and want to beat it. But I encourage all road users to unite and use the road properly, this would save lives and limit accidents." He said.

THE STAR asked Cover what was his most memorable moment as a driver and he reminisced about one day on Route 79, which runs from downtown Kingston to Bull Bay.

"On my way down, I noticed an old man trying to cross the road, but he was taking too long so I pulled up my brake and went outside and help him. When I went back inside the bus the passengers applaud my effort and said that I was one of the few drivers who would have done something like that," he said.

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