Love of tattoos inspires dream job

June 28, 2018
Tattoo artist Motanya 'Regina' Stewart
Tattoo artist Motanya 'Regina' Stewart
Motanya 'Regina' Stewart's client shows off her artwork.
Motanya 'Regina' Stewart works on one of her clients.
One of the jobs done by Stewart.

In an environment where many persons find it difficult to get a job, one 20-year-old woman's love for tattoos has driven her to the point where she has decided that she had to become a tattoo artist.

Determined to turn her dream into reality, Motanya 'Regina' Stewart started out by practising the art on a friend and herself a few years ago.

"My first time doing this was two years ago on my friend. He didn't know that it was my first time, but I did a writing in his chest, then he did something on my leg, and I added couple more designs to it, creating somewhat of a tribal shield. Then I did it on my artiste friend," she told THE STAR.

"I became interested because I love art on a whole. I used to write and draw on my skin at an early age. I got my first tattoo when I was 14 years old," she said.

By the time her third tattoo was inked, Stewart realised that she wanted to be a tattoo artist.

"I have many skills, but to see this on a regular day-to-day basis made me realise that this is what people want and gravitate to," she told THE STAR.




Explaining that she learnt how to do tattoos by just observing how her tattoo artist did it, Stewart noted that when she started, she didn't even have any equipment.

"The first machine I used was my friend's own, then I started working with this guy and I used his for a while. It didn't last long, then afterwards my boss bought me my very own," she said.

While receiving encouraging words and admiration from persons who say that they like what she is doing, the 20-year-old has been spending her time perfecting the art, which she says is something she does whenever she can, although it is not a steady job.

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