Crawford's loss a hot topic on Twitter


October 05, 2015
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Policemen keep a watchful eye during the voting for the People's National Party's next candidate for East Rural St Andrew at the PNP Headquarters yesterday.
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Damion Crawford at yesterday's vote-off

Crawford's loss a hot topic on Twitter

News of outspoken East Rural St Andrew Member of Par-liament Damion Crawford's loss bid to represent the constituency for the People's National Party (PNP) in the next general election sent social media into frenzy.

Former constituency chairman, businessman, Peter Blake, yesterday defeated Crawford, a junior tourism and entertainment minister.

Blake tallied 218 votes, while Crawford secured 166 in the selection exercise at the PNP headquarters in St Andrew.

In defeat, Crawford took to Twitter posting: "I have all confidence in Julian Robinson, and I accept the results of the election. I am a pnp b4 I was a candidate and I support pnp 100%"

Some Twitter users immediately responded.

@SadeSweetness: "'Education cyaa eat!' Said the constituents of East Rural some time ago. Education and curry gravy nuh eat good".

@rayice2000: "You deserve to be in parliament @DamionCrawford ... . Signed #Alabourite"

@Gareth_VP: "Like seriously ..Crazy lose ... wah hope and education ago".

@patrioticjam: "@DamionCrawford they don't support what you support though. How dare you go to East Rural to uplift these ppl. You want to change the game!"

@marlonmusique: "Now... @JamaicaPNP find a nice, decent (aka rural) seat for Damion and stop the crap. He is needed in parliament. Town ppl too licky licky".

@CallTyrone_W: "Priority has always been an issue in that const. Do you want to win or do you want change. Crawford chose the latter - people chose Blake."

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