Men charged for removing eggs from dump

October 16, 2015


Two taxi operators, who were found in possession of eggs that were removed from the Riverton City dump, will have their fates decided on December 2 when they reappear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.

Charged with interference with a disposal facility are Dexroy Johnson and Leon Gordon.

Reports are that on September 25, the men were found with a quantity of eggs that had been taken from the Riverton City dump.

They pleaded not guilty.

Gordon explained, "I run taxi and a man asked me to pick up some eggs down there. My car broke down while carrying the eggs, so I called my friend to help me."

The friend Gordon mentioned was his co-accused, Johnson.

solid waste act

The presiding judge, senior RM Judith Pusey, quoted a

section of the Solid Waste Act saying, "Every person who unlawfully removes any solid waste from a disposal facility is guilty of an offence and can be fined up to $500,000, or serve a sentence of up to six months in prison, or both."

The men were told to bring their witnesses to night court on December 2 when the matter will be tried.

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