Police explore theories in St Thomas murder

October 20, 2015

The St Thomas police say they will be reviewing a certain case file to see if there is any link to Saturday's brutal murder of a woman who was gunned down at a service station in Morant Bay.

The deceased woman, 32-year-old cashier, Tanesha Nicolyn McCool, also called Chiney, of York, Seaforth, in the parish was reportedly sitting on a stool at the gas station when an unknown assailant approached her with a gun and shot her.

The killer escaped on foot in the area.

Since the incident, however, many theories have been circulating regarding what led to her death.

was conclusive

One such theory, which our news team put forward to the police, was an incident where six persons were chopped to death in the parish in 2006. It is being alleged that McCool is related to those murder victims.

Head of the St. Thomas police division, Superintendent Charmaine Shand, told our news team the police were privy to such information, but nothing was conclusive, as the investigation is ongoing.

"Yes we know about that incident. However, this investigation is ongoing... We will be looking back at the case file tomorrow (Today)," she said, adding that no suspect has been held in connection with Saturday's shooting.

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