Deaf-mute man found with stolen iPhone

October 21, 2015

Adeaf and dumb man was the highlight of the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court recently after court officials had difficulty reading the allegations to him in order to get his plea in the matter.

Charged with receiving stolen property is Jamie Lewis.

After several unsuccessful attempts at obtaining a plea, including shouting and whispering the allegations to the accused man, it was expressed by the accused that he could neither speak nor hear.

He then pointed to the court to allow him to read the allegations and then he pleaded not guilty in writing, adding that he bought the phone not knowing it was stolen.

The court was told that on October 2, Lewis received a green iPhone belonging to the complainant, knowing it was stolen or otherwise unlawfully obtained.

A lawyer was assigned to Lewis while the court is to seek a sign language interpreter to assist at the next sitting.

Lewis is to return on December 14 and a fingerprint order was made against him.

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